Dennis Nyland - Mental Health Ombudsman

Dennis was appointed to the post of Mental Health Ombudsman in 2014. Dennis served in the U.S. Navy, works as an EMT for St. Peter’s Ambulance Service and was in law enforcement for many years. During his time in law enforcement, he was instrumental in bringing the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) to the State of Montana. Dennis was very involved in numerous CIT trainings, assisting in training many law enforcement officers regarding mental illness and in the deescalating skills required in crisis situations. Dennis has a passion for individuals with mental illness and is very excited to be in the position of the Mental Health Ombudsman.


Christina Ward - Mental Health Services Specialist

Christina returns to the office of the Mental Health Ombudsman after three years of dedicated work in veteran services. She was previously with the Mental Health Ombudsman’s office from 2015-2018, when she and her family relocated to Helena from her hometown of Billings. Christina has worked in mental health services since 2007 where she has successfully advocated for Montanans and Montana veterans and their families. She has a sincere passion for de-stigmatizing mental health, connecting individuals with appropriate resources and promoting open conversations that encourage overall wellness. Christina is honored to continue serving the constituents of the great state of Montana!